Sunday, June 19, 2011

If we can get to the place where memories are made, we absolutely must do it

Fathers Day 2011. I don't love the fact that I'm not home with my family to celebrate my Dad today. I'm glad I can call and talk to them though, and see the pictures my sister was randomly texting me throughout the day.
I think I said it best when I wrote this blog post last year on Fathers Day . I'm lucky to have more than one Dad in my life. Yes, more than one.

When I was talking to my sister today we were getting really excited about the upcoming Florida trip for Christmas. I can't remember the last time my entire family was together in one house for the holidays. We decided to get Disney tickets, wrap them, and place them under the tree. Then when all of the kids opened them, we would say, "oh and by the way, we're leaving for The Magic Kingdom TODAY". How fun is that?

My sister has three kids so this trip has taken some planning already, given that they will drive from Missouri to Florida. My mom will travel with them, and extra hand around three kids is always welcome. I told her that I knew it would take some sacrifice and extreme patience for that long ride, but in the end, it would be worth it.

"We have to make things happen. If it takes sacrifice, and patience, and the choosing of "we're going to do this" so that we can get to the place where memories are made, we absolutely must do it" I said.

I started thinking about that. All of the times I've said no to different invitations, thinking, "Oh but that's expensive or, I won't have time for all of that", etc. I'm now wondering how many times I've missed out on that very destination I just spoke of. The place where memories are made.

Time is all we have. And it passes oh-so-quickly doesn't it? I think it's time to refocus a little bit. Instead of overthinking the invitation, just go.

Because around the corner that it may have taken some effort to get to.....lies....some fantastic memories in the making.

So yeah, I'm already looking forward to the holidays. I HEAR JINGLE BELLS all of a sudden!

Plus, my namesake will be there. Could YOU turn down this face? I can't.

See you soon friend,

PS Sara, I will call you periodically during that long drive, and sing to the kids, and quote a movie for Jeremy, and ask Mom about a childhood memory, just to refocus the thought of "oh my GOD are we there YET" thoughts. I promise. Incidentally, I'm making breakfast every morning for everyone. "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is where I am, and you are with me.

I would like to also give honorable mention to my sister Melissa who is taking my entire family on for this visit. Don't worry, I'm bringing you wine and my sense of humor, this is going to be nothing short of fabulous Melly Mel. Oh, and tell Todd I'm hanging lights on everything. (seriously)


Sara said...

I love it!! My excitement is renewed - we're goin' to Florida!!

Tiffany said...

said like "we're GOIN TO WALMART!" =) w00t!

Serenity said...

I actually love the idea of the destination AND the road trip. I love being in one car with all five of us, stopping to eat and stretch our legs, seeing things we've never seen before (you drive through SUCH pretty America on this trip, Sara!) And all being together for the holidays, YES. Such a gift. You're so right about this, Tif. Less over-thinking, more going. I love the way you live.

Tiffany said...

Oh Seren, you inspire me so.