Tuesday, August 23, 2011

With all of these influences surrounding us, I don't know how anyone could ever be bored

I think movies, commercials, advertisements, songs, and books influence me more than I realized.

Sabrina (1995) has a scene where Sabrina and Linus are eating baked clams. He baked them right on the beach. I've always thought that going to a clam bake would be the epitome of cool. I love seafood, but unfortunately don't have an ocean nearby. Hence, there are clams steaming on my stove as I type this. I've never done this before, I have no idea how they will turn out. My love for cooking sends me down some very odd paths sometimes, I'm willing to try just about anything once. I haven't tasted shark yet,  but one day I will I think.

The recipe I used can be found here: http://www.food.com/recipe/fresh-baked-clams-131901

With the extreme heat that never quits in Texas, the summertime advertisements are obviously going to be geared towards anything that will cool one down. I don't have a strong desire to go to a waterpark, UNTIL they show a snowcone stand. All of a sudden I'm thinking, hey I love water slides. It's okay that there will be 400 small children there. I'm going. I want a snowcone. (Because I wouldn't want to just drive to one of the many snowcone stands around here, that's just boring. And without waterslides)

The 2011 Ford Explorer commercial comes on t.v., and every single time I'm wishing the commercial lasted longer than it does. So much so that, to the internet I go, to try and figure out what song this is, and who performs it.

Yeah, this had me at the first line.....

"If ever there's a reason to be swept up in the season........Of the fallen leaves"

You know Fall is my favorite season don't you?

Songs can take me to different places with just a few notes. I think when memories are attached to certain scents and sounds, the minute we encounter either one again, we are carried back to that initial place where we first heard it, or smelled it. Or maybe it's not the first time, but it's something specific to the memory regardless. The only thing that I think can carry one back to a certain memory quicker, is a photograph. There are days that I wish I had a fancy camera. Maybe one day. But I've taken some pretty awesome pictures with a simple digital camera, or from my cell phone even.

If I want to revisit the Eiffel, I just look at this....

If I want to walk Folly Beach, SC......

A book is a way for me to be in my favorite spot, but still travel to far off destinations, making friends with characters that I might not meet otherwise. I will always choose a book first, over a movie. I don't think that will ever change. I do love seeing the characters come to life on screen, but I feel the book lets you inside their thoughts in a way that a movie may not be able to convey. I love it when the movie does the book justice, I must admit.

With all of these influences surrounding us, I don't know how anyone could ever be bored.

Do you?

See you soon friend,

PS I have to share, the clams are DELICIOUS. If I can't be at a clam bake on a beach, at least I know I can make them here at home. But not for breakfast. Tomorrow Breakfast at Tiffanys shall be.......strawberry. Something strawberry. Maybe a smoothie!


Serenity said...

My agent talks about how she likes a writer who writes with confidence. You just trust where they are taking you and how they will get you there. You, my dear, write like that. Every word is savory. And I'm so glad you enjoyed the clams! I'm smitten with Sabrina - both versions. Especially now that my sweet oldest son has tried to make me feel better about my hair by telling me I look like her. :) Sons are the best. And so are you.

Tiffany said...

You DO look like her with your awesome 2011 hairstyle! And well, let me say this. If words were desserts I would visit your Sweet Shoppe every day on my afternoon break. It's on the corner.....in Manhatten...right? (see what I did there?) I simply adore you Seren, but more importantly, value your opinion. =)

Tiffany said...

Um...*Manhattan. They're not going to let me visit unless I spell it correctly.