Monday, December 5, 2011

"Who is your Santa?" he asked.....

Hustle and bustle indeed, but I haven't really got caught up in it too much yet this year. Oh I'm decorated, and actually mostly done shopping, but I mean the rat race that begins in November and doesn't end until after the after-Christmas sales. Nice and easy is the theme of my 2011 Holiday Season.

I was out being an elf this weekend, by myself mind you, because I get so much more done when I'm alone. I was making the usual display of myself singing along to Christmas music in the car, with Starbucks coffee in a cup by my side, and not really minding the cold temps and rain coming down.

After Starbucks my first stop was the local Ace Hardware Store. I love going in there during the holidays, they have cool things I don't find anywhere else. I was on the hunt for a specific sized light bulb but I looked around for a while before I finally had to ask for help, there are over 100 kinds of light bulbs in there, did you know? Now, you may think I'm making this up, but the man that helped me could of been St.Nick himself. I know that sounds cliche at this time of year, but seriously, he even had the glasses. He was very helpful, he lead me to what I needed, then lead me to checkout. As he was ringing me up, I noticed he smiled with his eyes, he was quite infectious. He asked me the simplest question. "Who is your Santa Claus this year, little lady?" he asked, as the register totalled my purchase.
There are few times that I have ever been asked something where I had to pause before I replied because I didn't know how to answer. I finally said, "Well, Santa Claus himself of course. He's real you know" He laughed and gave me a candy cane as I left, saying Merry Christmas to him.

I left the parking lot, windshield wipers at full speed and Christmas music playing, to head for the next destination. At the stoplight, I fell into deep thought about what he asked. " my Santa Claus"

I've been thinking about this for a few days.

My Santa Claus comes in many forms. The friend that absolutely did not leave my side when I had surgery the day before Thanksgiving, who stayed right there with me the whole time to make sure I wouldn't wake up and not recognize someone in the room. The countless friends offering help of all kinds during recovery. Anything from a Thanksgiving feast delivered, to chauffering, cleaning, shopping, and just talking. The constant phone calls and text messages, emails, asking how I was doing. Sounds like Santa to me.

The people who care for sick kids in the hospital during the holidays, not only making sure the Christmas spirit stays alive inside the hospital, but also inside the families hearts and minds, as they struggle to learn that their child may not get to come home for Christmas this year.

The coworkers who pitch in without asking, to take up slack for anyone that is missing from the office for a while. I may have jokingly made fun a time or two about these people, but seriously, they're all like my second family. I love them. And they're my Santa too.

The soon to be 18 year old boy that while it may not seem cool to his friends, wants to visit people in a nursing home around the holidays, in case they don't have family. If that isn't Santa, I don't know who is.

The cute (oh well okay, yes I said it) guy at Tom Thumb that always smiles at me when I come in, asking how my weekend is going, if I want any Starbucks (because he knows my love) and then when I can't get something to ring up that I KNOW isn't two dollars, I suddenly receive "help" from him, paying a dollar for something worth way more I'm quite sure, with him always saying, "don't worry about it, I'm a manager, see?" as he points to his name tag with credentials. (lol I really do laugh out loud when he does this)
HE is my Santa.

The man that hurries to my car to hold an umbrella over my head as rain pours down while I frantically try to move bags from cart to trunk. Yep. Santa.

The doctor that removed cancer not once, but twice from my beautiful cousins body. I love this Santa. LOVE.him.

People that make me laugh out loud on a daily basis, with either a tweet, a facebook post, an email, or "live" in person. I love to laugh, so if you can easily make that happen, you're my Santa too.

The sister that welcomes our entire family to her home in Florida, for Christmas. Oh that brave soul. She's a Santa for sure.

So let's rewind this movie, I'm back in Ace Hardware. At the counter, checking out with "Nick"/ (I've dubbed him Nick, you know why).
"Who is your Santa Claus this year, little lady?" he asked.

"I don't know if I can name all of them, how much time do you have?"

I hope your December has started off with greatness, and you're happy, and excited about Christmas and the New Year. Sit down at the end of the day, relax. Don't rush it. Just.....enjoy it.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
See you soon,

PS my family is having the traditional pancake breakfast on Christmas morning this year, with Mimosas of course. Guess who gets to make said pancakes. =) What are YOU having?

I love this music. I think someone with this gift may be a Santa too.


Felicity said...

Good, good stuff! Happy Christmas!

Tiffany said...

Happy Christmas to the White House =)

Serenity said...

This is sweetness. I love this concept that we can be Santa for each other - the magic, as I call it on my blog tonight. I'm so happy you have so many and of course I'm awfully grateful for the surgery Santa you mentioned. Love you, Tiff.

Tiffany said...

I'm still sighing contentedly over your latest post Seren. I love it because you make the REAL thoughts and feelings come alive. Some people struggle with this time of year, I can only hope the magic appears for them in some way. I love you! =)