Tuesday, February 7, 2012

all things apiphany

"Why the 'all things apiphany'?" he asked.

Well, I'll tell you. Many days I feel like everyone else, blending in with the crowd, giving only my share to the Gross National Product.

But there are many more days that I want to not be like anyone else, and give more than my share, to everything, not just the GNP. I don't necessarily want to stand out in the crowd, but I won't conform to something I don't want to do, or believe in, just to blend in. In the very least, I've got that much figured out. "To thine own self, be true" my mom has always said to me.

With a fierce love for certain words, epiphany has always been a favorite.

"A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something"
The aHA! moment that comes when the light bulb goes off above your head because you've just come to understand something. It shows up every once in a while for me, that moment.
So, taking the favorite word, and making it my own, I change the "E", to an "A". You'll find me on Twitter as apiphany, and my email addresses are always a form of apiphany in some way. Even online bill-paying includes apiphany in various forms. Stick to what you like, so they say.
After I explained to my friend that asked the "why?" he said "oh good I was going to advise that you spelled it wrong. But YOU are Apiphany, so it's correct"
Yes. Yes I am.
See you soon friend,
PS Breakfast at Apiphany's doesn't quite have the same ring does it? aHA! Ah well. Let's leave it, "at Tiffany's". When warmer weather arrives again, back to the patio we go, preferably just as the sun is rising.


Serenity said...

I love that you made this word your own. I'm quite jealous of it actually. And this post reminds me of when I was driving this weekend and saw about a MILLION geese flying in various V's. Which reminded me of (the part that relates to this post) a cartoon a friend gave me once with a bunch of geese flying in V's, and the one goose at the end of one of the V's was saying, "Geez, I feel like such a conformist."

Tiffany said...

LOL <---I really am. I need that cartoon framed, that's hilarious. HEEEY maybe I could "pin" it!
When you said geese, I, of course< immediately went to a movie quote from Runaway Bride "you just have to get your ducks in a row". (see how weird my brain works, geese aren't ducks) sigh. (haha)

Lane and Sylvia said...

I think it was actually Babe the Pig who said 'To thine own self be true.'. Wasn't it? Or maybe I'm confusing things. I'm a grandpa now ya know, so sometimes both of the chopsticks aren't in the chowmein.

Tiffany said...

Babe probably did say it. I'm almost sure of it. GRANDPA. lol