Thursday, February 23, 2012

Don't say no, say YES. To everything.

If I were making a status update in Social Media today, it would be this:

Be excited. You're alive, the spring weather is around the corner, already here for some of  us. Take a walk today and ask yourself the right questions. What do I want to do, where do I want to go, who do I want to see, and how will today be even better than yesterday.

I've been chatting this morning with my best friend Brian, about how the sunrise over an ocean transforms me into someone else. I have no problem setting my alarm to rise before dawn, get dressed, and be on the beach so I can sit quietly with coffee and watch that sun appear on the horizon. We both fell in love with Charleston, SC when we visited last May. To the point of seriously considering moving there. We're in the planning stages of going again, so coupling that with discussions about my sisters wedding (Jekyll Island, GA) and a trip home in October for Mizzou homecoming, I'm travel twitterpated right now.

I think I've got to the point of "don't say no, say YES". To everything.  Go NOW, not later. See everything I can, and if I'm invited to go to another country (hello Paris, I miss you) or somewhere with a beautiful beach or gorgeous mountains, I'm going. I would rather buy a plane ticket than twenty pairs of shoes I don't need, or trinkets that will sit around the house and collect dust.

I still haven't been to Seattle, or Maine during a cranberry harvest, or Manhattan, or Italy! But I want to check these places off my travel wish list. Australia....and I think the Virgin Islands is a must too. I could go on for hours.

I hope I've left you dreaming of your travel wish list places. And, I hope you get to go to at least one of them very soon.

See you tomorrow!

PS Tea instead of coffee with breakfast today, do you drink tea?


Sara said...

Amen! I agree "one hundred" as Julia would say...or is it Jenna? ANYWAY, I agree completely on the whole buying a plane tx thing versus "bags of crap" (channeling). I still just want to go to Nashville - big dreamer I am...

Tiffany said...

haha I LOVE it, I'm going to use that from now on. "I agree one hundred!" and....I'll go WITH you to Nashville, I've been once but it was one hundred ago. (see what I did there)