Friday, March 16, 2012

It takes time to build castles

March madness indeed.

Just to let you know, I've got Mizzou taking it all. This is based half on the fact that I'm from Columbia, MO, and half on, THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE IT ALL. Of course, if that doesn't come to fruition, I'm still a huge fan, not a fair weather one. While I dubbed last week "Bracket Pressure", it's fun to fill them out and then watch and see what happens during the games.

With one of my most favorite holidays forth-coming, I've been cooking Irish food (corned beef brisket and cabbage, Irish soda bread) and placing green things around the house (Irish bouquet with Stargazer lilies in it). Tomorrow I'll be wearing green, I don't want to get pinched!

Dublin is on my wish list of dream destinations. I revisit that dream more so in March then any other month of the year. I was reading an Irish Proverb this morning:

"De réir a chéile a thógtar na caisleáin" which translates to: It takes time to build castles.

Although I don't live in a castle, I've visited one, and I have a feeling it took ages to build it. I think this is what I've been doing my whole life. Building a castle. Mine may not have towers and turrets and a moat leading you over water to get to my front door. But it's one where the castle is my life. Friendships and views of the world, and family, and all of the things I love to do, come together to make me who I am.
That takes time, right?

While I'm building my castle, I'll be thinking of you this weekend and hoping for beautiful spring weather for you, and a happily celebrated St Patty's Day.

So here's to four-leaf clovers, and all things green, and a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Go get 'em!

And......GO MIZZOU!

See you soon friend,


Serenity said...

Oh dear. I can't imagine anyone being quite as sad as my husband is right now, and my sister, and my father-in-law (the men are sitting with me discussing it sadly right now) But I bet you're close. :( Strangely, the sun still rose today. And beautifully too. I feel awful for those seniors and hope to goodness they can quickly find their happiness again.

Felicity said...

Yes, time and lots of hard work and a never-give-up attitude. I love this analogy. And I do love March Madness but I realized yesterday that I prefer it when the madness happens to someone else. Ah, the double standard. Happy Day!

Tiffany said...

Of course you can imagine my march Sadness at the outcome of that game, mere hours after I wrote this post. Well. I will say this: MIZ....all the way, there will be many more wins in our Tiger future. =) oh and Happy Birthday month Felic!