Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tierney's Cafe and Tavern is like going home.....

"Sometimes you want to go where everybody know's your naaaame"

It was the summer of 2008 when I received a call from a friend telling me that I had to try this quaint restaurant that she had just been to, where the food was so delicious and the atmosphere so friendly. "We could sit on the patio on a day like today!" she exclaimed.

When I finally checked it out, I felt like I had come home for a meal with friends and family.

"Voted Best Breakfast AND Best Lunch in Lewisville/Flower Mound in the readers opinion poll Lewisville/Flower Mound Leader 2009" Tierney's Cafe and Tavern lives up to that reputation even today.

208 E. Main St. was built as a home by Dr. J.W. Kennedy in 1885. Tierneys Cafe & Tavern opened their doors for business January 14th, 2008 and they are still going strong.

To mention just a few, the menu has the best fried catfish I've ever tasted, a grilled shrimp, bacon, fresh spinach salad that is mouth watering (and probably my favorite since that is what I order quite often), the biggest slice of chicken fried steak in Denton Co (I'm serious), and tantalizing prime rib served not only on Saturday night, but Sunday morning as well on the breakfast buffet. I can't forget the pan-seared salmon, another favorite. When recommending Tierney's to friends that haven't had the pleasure, I always tell them the breakfast buffet is a great time to visit, it offers a taste of everything on their menu.

The Dallas Morning News sums up their review of Tierney's quite nicely:

"On bustling Mill Street near the historic downtown, the cafe draws a mixed crowd; starch shirted executives with cell phones eating along side baseball capped construction workers. It's a real slice of Lewisville life."
I think that is why it's so comfortable at Tierneys. The menu, and the staff, bring all walks of life in with their friendly service and smiles, coupled with that absolutely fantastic food.
I would say I've spent many a Spring or Summer day on the patio at Tierney's, but I would be leaving out Fall and oftentimes Winter as well. I live in North Texas after all, sometimes a December morning can be quite warm here. With the tiki torches lit and beautiful greenery surrounding the patio, my friends and I have been known to stay out on the patio long after sunset, especially if it's Friday or Saturday night and there is a live band playing.
In the victorian-style house nestled on Main St in Old Town Lewisville, TX, a dish made famous by the owner, Greg Tierney, awaits you. Potato Chip Chicken.
Have you reached for your keys yet?
I'll meet you there. We could sit in the library by the fireplace!
To read more about my second home as I like to call it, go here:


Serenity said...

UnFAIR posting such far-away goodness on your blog. And this is lovely writing! Someone should hire you to travel all around the world and write up pieces like this.

Tiffany said...

Well you are the nicest person I know =) (wouldn't that be so cool) annnd I'm telling you, the food at Tierney's is deliciousness times ten.