Friday, June 8, 2012

The Keepers of my Days...

Do you have certain phases you go through? Not necessarily serious ones although they are important too.

For instance, I have a snowcone phase. Yes, snowcone. This can occur in the Winter months, and my friends think I'm nuts for wanting something so deliciously cold when it's so deliciously cold outside. I love Winter, in case you didn't know. I love all of the seasons actually, each in its own right, brings various favorite things. But Fall, oh it's my favorite.

I have a cheesy love phase, where I want to watch what men call "chick flicks", like The Notebook, and Nottinghill, and The Lake House, and....well I could go on and on. Then, I get out of this phase, and switch to serious, deep thinking movies that may not have a red bow tied at the end, but I still got something from the content. I would say that my men friends just rolled their eyes, but I cleaned it up in the end, didn't I guys? =)

I have certain food phases too, like fresh spinach salad. I've eaten this for breakfast several times in the last few days. I'm weird I know, but at least it's healthy! You never know what Breakfast at Tiffany's may bring, so it's best to keep an open mind and ready taste buds. Do you like Indian food? See, told you.

I even have a workout regimen phase. Sometimes it's all about yoga, and pilates. Then, I want to get things moving so I swim like Michael Phelps! ahem, I mean I aspire to swim like Michael Phelps. Or I do P90-X cardio that reminds me that I'm not 22 years old anymore. If you don't know what I'm talking about, try Plyo and get back to me.

The talking on the phone phase comes and goes. When I really don't want to talk, but just be still for a while, I'll text more. I've always said a phone call is more meaningful, but really, who am I kidding. What means even more than that is a face to face conversation with a friend(s). I think this age that we live in, the social media, texting, online everything era, is sadly replacing quality time spent in person. I try to not fall into this category often, but with work and personal life it's very easy to slip into the mold.

I will say this, certain loves of mine don't come and go with phases. Like moon gazing, and taking long walks, and reading great books, and fabulous quotes, and blog posts. No, these are the keepers of my days.

Whatever phase you happen to be in right now, I hope you're enjoying it, and things are going well. Maybe the next time we meet, you can tell me all about it!

See you soon friend,

PS Strawberries drenched in balsamic vinegar are really, really tasty for Breakfast. Seriously!

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