Saturday, June 9, 2012

Have we taken the social out of social media, or, are we more social than ever?

Okay so let's see. With all of the online rants regarding social media, I'm gathering the following:

You don't want to know about, or see what I'm eating. You don't want pictures of my new pedicure, or my manicure for that matter. (this one was directed mostly at women, but hey, it's a free country, it could be directed at men as well). If I have small children, you don't want to know about their habits, provided to you each half hour. No "Eeyore syndrome" allowed! If one lives under a black cloud every single day, and absolutely nothing goes right in one's world, you don't want to hear about it? Well how rude! (I'm laughing as I type this). The newly joined couples and lovers of love, seem to irritate you. I hear you on many levels, I know it's sugary sweet to see the I love you's going back and forth between two people. Some mentioned their gag reflex was being conditioned daily. (still laughing) I have to say that I would rather see love being passed around, rather than hate.

Do I dare even mention the political arena? I want to run from myself if I do so, but here I go. Republicans and Democrats and Libertarians and fence sitters and everyone-under-the-shining-sun have so many opinions, yes? And they r e a l l y like sharing them in social media settings. I'm reading that most don't want to know these opinions. I'll be fair and share mine about this subject. As I mentioned previously, it's a free country. Although I don't enjoy the bashing of our President at ANY juncture, post whatever you like as you see fit. It's your page after all. I can then elect to stay so far away from it that my zip code changes. This is what I call Freedom of Speech. The choice is mine to not participate and move along to the more enjoyable post about someones beach vacation or their getting their Masters in physics. At the age of 42 no less!

I love the Sports Arena in real life so it's a given that I will love it in the social media setting too. There is camaraderie, and then there is competivite nature, both equally okay in my book. I grew up in Missouri. Mizzou fans have never been fond of Nebraska, for one example. But I have friends that I care about who happen to be Nebraska fans. So my choice is this: I cheer for my friends team even if Mizzou is playing them. Some don't agree with this. I feel compelled to explain. I want Mizzou to win every game they play, never be mistaken about this. But I also want to be a fan of the game itself. And, I want my friends to know that I suppport them and what/who they like. One of the most fun times I've ever had was when St.Louis and Texas were in the World Series. Oh, what games! the congratulation from me, in the end, was for BOTH teams. I thought it was cool to live in Dallas and be a fan of both teams, and see them do well. I screamed when St. Louis won, and was thrilled. But it had to be mentioned that both teams should be proud of where they went in that series, and both deserved to be there. I'm not sure that I should even mention the MU/KU rivalry given that such extreme hate seems to swirl during these games. I'm not a fan of ugliness or hate, and given the recent "moving to the SEC", I'll move along. To my dear friends and family that happen to be KU fans, "rock chalk". And here's to a great 2012/13 season. (I can hear the Mizzou fans groaning all the way from Missouri haha)
To get to the real deal, GO CHIEFS!!! But Raider fans, I'll still congratulate you on your facebook wall when you kick our butt. And mean it. (even though I'm accused of not meaning it)

A few other items I found in the so-annoying-please-stop-posting category:
1) obscure, begs the question, rants about specific people that aren't mentioned by name and won't see the post, but the poster feels compelled to rant anyway
2) posting and tagging of unauthorized pictures of friends (I've never been a fan)
3) the TMI post, way too much information that we truly do not need to know, some combined with a pic of that too much information.
4) the TLI post, so little information that it leaves your friends scratching their heads (?)
5) The "I'm so awesome I can't stand myself" post

I am sure I haven't mentioned all of the annoyances. I'm now left with, so what do we want to see?

Have we taken the social out of social media, or, are we more social than ever?

This is what you're going to get from me. If I think it's a funny quote, or an adorable picture of a corgi or a baby panda, I'm posting it. If Eddie Vedder is singing Just Breathe to me, I'm posting it. *he does sing it just for me, right? If I'm so mesmerized by a sunrise over the ocean that I get goosebumps, I'm posting a picture of it so you can be mesmerized too. At times I have the most random thoughts ever, if I truly want to hear what you have to say about them, I'll post them. If some casual stranger does something nice for me out of nowhere, I'll post it to remind you that you too, can do these nice things for others. If I'm staring at glistening swimming pool water under a North TX sky, I'll show you. Maybe it will make you get your swimsuit on and go find the nearest pool, and relax. We have to RELAX people.

This is what you won't get from me. When I'm sad, or irritated, or tired, or gloomy. When the day hasn't gone well at work. When a friends post has made me angry. When I wake up, when I go to bed, or how fabulous I think I am. <-------- I do think YOU are fabulous though, and will gladly tell you that if you need to hear it.
Now I guess I'll go post this in Facebook.

See you soon friend,

PS I think Breakfast at Tiffany's has obviously gone to the dare-to-be-different phase of late. I had leftover BBQ chicken this morning, and I have no idea why.


Serenity said...

Love this. One of my favorite parts - the fact that the right of free speech extends to the listener. You certainly have the right to say what you like, but I certainly have the right to walk away. I also love your list of things we WILL hear from you. It sparkles.

Tiffany said...

Well. YOU sparkle. So much so that I think Michael should commission a star to be named after you. Then, when we wish upon that star, it is for extreme....Serenity. =)