Monday, July 22, 2013

I just hope I'm using all of my gifts....

Last Saturday morning dawned bright and early for me. I normally like to sleep in a little as the work week catches up with me to the point that I'm not only drained mentally, but physically too at times. It was a pretty morning, puffy white clouds hovering over the horizon as if they were suspended by invisible ties to the universe. I've been doing a lot of cloud gazing lately, I see something in each cloud every time. I think this one looks like a grandma in a hurry, she's wearing her hair in a bun. Do you see her?

As I drove to Starbucks, because, hello weekend, I had to pull over for a funeral procession to drive by. Car after car, with their flashing lights, slowly going by.....each one filled with people that were probably not having the same kind of morning that I was.

It's not that I never think of death, and losing loved ones. Of course I do, I'm human. I don't dwell on the thoughts, but this morning I remember thinking, I hope whoever is gone did all they could. Used every gift they were given. Shared love and all of their happy, with those around them. I felt sad.

These days, every time I turn on the news, I feel sad. I want to shout, "for once, tell me something good!" That sounds like I've given up hope that this world we live in, is void of anything good, any great news to share. The thing is, I can't ever give up hope like that. I absolutely refuse.

So every night before my eyes close, I'm thinking thankful, grateful thoughts. No matter what madness the day brought, no matter what bad news the interwebs and television reported, I'm still happy to be here. "And I think to myself.....what a wonderful world"

I just hope I'm using all of my gifts. And sharing them. Even when I feel like I don't have any. Everyone has something to offer, don't you think?

Have a good week friend,

PS It's becoming a little too warm for breakfast on the patio in North Texas. But so far, I've refused to give it up. Take that mother nature!


Sara said...

Fabulous! And I DO see the grandma! Not sure I would have if it weren't for your creative eye :-D

Tiffany said...

I knew you would see her! =)