Thursday, August 7, 2014

Don't forget to look ahead.......

When I get older I want to be the type of friend who has people over for drinks and excellent food.

We'll spend the evening talking about the wondrous things we've seen, the places.... the people... the food....the shows....the geographical places that make our eyes search every detail with wonder, never knowing if we will be able to make it back to that place again.

Of course I want to be this type of friend now, too.

When I get older, my house will be so organized that nothing will be hard to find and everything will be in order. Can you imagine?

I want it to be this way now, too.

When I get older and things slow down, I want to travel to far off places and explore hidden alleyways in cities, and book stores nestled in corners on streets that I have never been before.

I want to see my family more.



I want to do volunteer work where it really makes a difference.

I want to do all of this now, too.

I think the cool thing is, we always have something to look forward to. I may find time to fit some of these things into my life right now. But if I can't fit it all in, at the same time, I'll always have something just around the corner, waiting for me to enjoy.

In these days of seemingly mundane things, like work and work and more work and a little play here and there, and Mondays turning into Thursdays before we can blink, don't forget to look ahead. It's all out there, waiting.....

See you soon friend!

PS I wasn't kidding about wanting my house to be more organized. Such a daunting task! But one I can master, I'm sure of it. Maybe some rainy Saturday morning will begin with Breakfast at Tiffany's, and then....organization at it's finest. I'll keep you posted.


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