Saturday, September 26, 2015

So, yes. I love New York in the Fall.

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"Don't you just love New York in the Fall?"

Yes. But I've never been to New York. It bothers me. It's on my wish list and I will make the items on my wish list happen, it's what I do.

Fall is my favorite season. I'm not dissing the other seasons by any means. Each having its own lure. It's just that Fall.....the beautiful foliage, the sounds of Football, the pumpkins, the apple cider, the wearing of the cool boots, did I mention the foliage? It refreshes me. It cleans the slate.

It even has me walking around the pretty town that I live in, taking one-hundred photos of possibly the same tree, or leaf. "But from this angle! look at it from THIS angle!" I say it every year and I laugh out loud, because my friends know me well. You see, they expect this post every year. They expect the posted photos. They expect me to update them along the way when I'm doing the walk-about. And I am grateful that they care about me enough to indulge in my same, annual ramblings.

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I often begin sentences with "when I grow up", and I mean whatever it is I say. I mean come on, do we ever really reach the "Okay, I'm all grown up now, nothing new to learn, nothing to see here"?

I say no. We don't! Except for the maturity level (ahem) I sometimes feel the same way I did when I was eight years old. So happy to wake up on a Saturday morning, no school, and cartoons galore to watch. Until noon hits and then, outside we go! and outside we stay, all day. Especially in the Fall. I grew up (well, until I was thirteen years old or so) in a sort-of small town in North Missouri. It seems almost false to call it a small town, it does have a University after all. But it has the small town feel for sure. I'm not sure that we even locked our front door when we left the house. Something unheard of today, no matter where you live. My sisters and I would ride bikes, play in the yard(s), roller skate, and swing the garden hose up over the branch of a tree so we could have a make-shift water spray to run under. It gets inventive when you're young and you want to be outside. We played hard and even when the porch light came on, had to be forced inside to have dinner. I grew up in a state that showed Fall colors and felt Fall temperatures in September. This is why I crave these things long before the Lone-Star state see them occuring. I've learned to be patient. I know that if I'm lucky, late October will show tell-tale signs. By November the palette of color I see growing down my street is nothing short of spectacular.

So yes. I love New York in the Fall, and every other state in the Fall. Even the ones I haven't been lucky enough to visit.


I hope you're having a great weekend friend.
See you soon!

PS When I grow up, I will have a large enough patio with a table that can seat all of my friends, for Breakfast at Tiffanys. Pumpkin muffins and spiced lattes anyone?

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