Friday, December 2, 2016

I wish this feeling could last all year through.....

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"Christmas here. Happiness....and cheer"

I think the Peanuts gang brings the warmth of the holiday season like no other. Poor Charlie Brown rarely catches a break in his endeavors, yet he marches on, kicking that football. Every time.

What a year people. Whew! I couldn't believe it when I realized that I haven't written on this lovely online diary since May. Then, after some thought, I wasn't surprised. I don't know if the inspiration went missing, or, if I was just "too busy". The old adage that arises often during our days, "twenty four hours in a day is just not enough!" we shout, fists raised high in exclamation.

Dare I say out loud that things are slowing down a little, (don't mess with it Universe, just let me have my moments) and this time of year always brings reflection, and warm, cozy feelings coupled with nostalgia and hopefully, peace.

I've had a recent addition to my family. His name is Elfie and he's particularly mischevious. One morning I could not find the little guy ANYWHERE, I searched high and low for him. Finally, I caved and sent a text to my son asking where Elfie had gone to.

Needless to say, looking up was the last thing I thought to do.

I had the good fortune of spending Thanksgiving with my extended family in Missouri this year, to say I was elated does not encompass the feelings. Couple this with a trip to Arrowhead Stadium to watch my Kansas City Chiefs play at home, over.the.moon. I tell you!

I will not discuss the score of that game, but if you would like to talk about the winning kick in OT during the Chiefs v Broncos game, call me.
We had a great time in spite of the loss at home, and have now decided that this will be an annual thing, so, Kansas City, do you hear us? We love you!

As I look around my house and see some beautiful twinkly lights, I am aware that I am not done decorating, and not every gift is wrapped. The Christmas cards have not been mailed, and the lists don't have checkmarks for completion.

You know, I just don't mind at all. The fun at this time of year, for me, is in the doing of these things. I love putting pretty ribbons on packages and signing love on cards, and anticipating the expression of the person opening the gift I carefully thought through before purchasing. I love the music! (Have you heard Pentatonix sing "Hallelujah"?) I love the sparkle, and tinsel, and warm greetings from friends as we get together. I love family, even if we are scattered around the globe, I know we are together in our hearts. And sometimes we get lucky and are together in the flesh!

My wish for you during these 2016 holidays is that you also enjoy the things you love and the friends and family you hold close. I've often said that I wish this feeling could last all year through, I think I now realize that it can. And it will!

See you soon friend,

PS Breakfast at Tiffanys in holiday mode-how about a French omelet!
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