Friday, February 12, 2010

You can't park there-Snow Patrol

Although Snow Patrol is one of my favorite bands, I'm not blogging about them today. I'm talkin 'bout some SNOW ya'll! (always inserting that Texan accent when appropriate) The saying goes, "Everything's bigger in Texas!" The weather yesterday was definitely, bigger.

To paraphrase the Dallas headlines this morning:

Snowfall Shatters Record, Leaves 200,000 Without Power

New 24-hour snowfall record now at 12.5 inches for DFW
On Thursday, police across North Texas responded to hundreds of crashes, even before the wet, slushy roads began to freeze.

I really wanted to get out in that sparkly, powdery goodness yesterday and play in it Unfortunately my place of employment had something different in mind, the NERVE. Well, at least I can work from home when necessary, I won't whine. I managed to get a long walk in between working. Although the picture you see in this post may not be incredible from an trained professionals eye, it's my favorite for personal reasons. St.Ann's Cathedral has their bells toll at noon and again at 6pm on the weekends, and oh how I love that sound. I always stop what I'm doing for a second and listen. Those tiny moments, I live for them. I won't be arrogant and say I'm the only one that notices those moments, but I will say that I hope you do too, in whatever form they may come in. It's that whole, "stop and smell the roses" idea, I buy into that as often as I can.

Today brought four collapsed carports where I live, luckily no one was injured and if you can believe this, I don't think any cars we're damaged either as the roof always fell to the side instead of collapsing straight down. Needless to say, all of the cars are NOT under the carports that are still standing, mine included, as everyone frantically moved them immediately. The snow was just wet enough to add some weight to it. Trees, carports, powerlines, a few roofs, all victims of the aftermath of a 12 hour run of falling snow from yesterday. I feel sorry for those still without power, I went without last night too but the response time was much quicker than I expected so there was no suffering, especially with having a fireplace. Another love of mine.

My neighbor built a Dallas Mavs snowgirl that I borrowed for my profile pic in social media for a while. She charges by the hour I hear so she won't be with me long. SO many pictures flooded twitter and facebook with snowmen, snowgirls, snowdogs, there was even a snowbunny! People building forts, and recording their snowboarding experiences, I LOVED IT.

So this is me throwing a snowball at you.

Tag, you're it.

I'm meeting friends for Breakfast tomorrow at ten am, come along if you want to!

Until then, keep warm friend

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