Sunday, July 18, 2010

Decorate your life with what you want

One of my favorite friends, and fellow twitterites, tweeted this recently: "I'm too old for posters". I laughed but immediately thought, well do we have to have an age limit on having them? Yes I know, decorating our living space like we're still in college, when we are no longer in college, would be a faux paux I suppose. A decorators nightmare! But I still say, oh just do it.
This led to thoughts of, carpe diem! To thine own self be true! Look at that, a simple "tweet" took me to quotes with deeper meaning, or mantras. My mind is like a subway train. It stops at certain places allowing people to get on, but then off it goes quickly to the next destination.
I have a framed "poster" of the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" in my living room. The frame is nice, a deep charcoal color that matches the charcoal leather chair and ottoman that sits directly beneath the picture.

To the left of that picture, strategically placed near the front door, is a handmade wooden sign, painted in Hawaiian colors, that reads "Mahalo (thank you) for removing your shoes". I bought this in Waikiki Beach.

On a wood end table with drawers, (it's so quaint) that sits catty-cornered in my kitchen, lies a glass Eiffel Tower that lights up if you push the button underneath it. You have to get one of these if you are standing under the actual Eiffel Tower, and the guy selling them has charm oozing from his european accent and his soft eyes, right?

Three paintings of ocean scenes are scattered throughout my apartment, one above the fireplace, one above my bed, and one on a living room wall. Each reminding me of my love of the beach, and the of these has a special story attached to it because my stepdad bought the painting and it hung in his living room for years.

My hallway is where Marilyn Monroe looks sheepishly through eyes half open, telling a story with her lopsided smile and intense gaze. Is it a poster? No. It's a framed print, behind glass, and also attached to a story. A best friend bought it for me for Christmas one year, because she knows me very well. I've always been fascinated with Marilyn, not to the point of obsession, but more "gone too soon, and wasn't she just lovely" thoughts.
I collect suns. I don't know what else to call them. Hispanic art? I always see them in Tijuana, Mexico, or the Dallas Farmers market even. Hand painted, and hand made, some out of metal, others out of ceramic tile. I have a few made out of terra cotta. Each one has it's own story, different colors and sizes. Where I bought them, who I was with, or if it was a gift. I have a really cool, almost glittery, round plaque (for lack of a better word) with some sort of family crest on it, hanging in my bedroom, that I bought in Tijuana. A sun enveloped around a moon, hanging in my living room.

The front bathroom has three seahorses in various sizes hanging on the wall, drenched in my favorite oceanic colors of seafoam green, various blues, and purple. "Villa Toscana....Cabernet", this painting hangs in my kitchen. The list goes on.....

Each item tells you a little bit about me. I don't have one theme in my house. It's not all "Hawaiian" or "Suns", or "Paris", or "the Ocean".
How you decorate where you live, especially when certain items have stories attached to them, is in essence, sharing part of your story.
I have big dreams of how I would decorate a house if I lived in one. But actually now that I look around me, I don't see anything I own now that I wouldn't use in that house. These things are Tiffany. My touch is in every room.

When I am no longer here, I can't take any of these things with me. But really, life is short. If you want to get that cool poster and hang it on the back of your bedroom door, just do it. I won't judge.

If it's Ryan Gosling I may confiscate it.

Decorate your life with what you want. Let your things tell a story. I'll read it!
See you soon,

Breakfast at Tiffany's......I wish it could be on the patio but it's too freakin hot outside.


Serenity said...

Yes, yes, YES. "Decorate your life with what you want." So true. Life is way too short not to do this. And I feel very strongly about the power of meaningful things to lift our spirits, even though things are just things. :)

Tiffany said...

You decorate so eloquently Seren, I love your house and all things in it that are Seren, and fam. I don't mind that my themes cross over into one another, it's my life in bits and pieces. =)