Friday, July 16, 2010

"Where Knowledge is Power!"

When I was in school, and I'm talking about the very early years, we used to sing like we were the next American Idols, with ABANDON. One would think I would have made sure I joined choir with the way I love to sing, but I'm a realist. I said I love to sing, I didn't say it sounded good. I had the good fortune of having some really awesome teachers, who truly cared if the student actually "got it". In examining who I would put on my list of favorites I see one common denominator. The teachers who used to teach with song. You know, little dittys about facts mixed with melody, often rhyming and all the while, teaching. We were learning by repetitiveness. I don't think we realized it back then.
Scholastic Rock (or Schoolhouse Rock) was the coolest thing in the world to me, I learned about adverbs through a character named Lolly, how fun is that? I learned my multiplication tables watching animals go on an ark times two! I loved watching a Bill become a law, he had quite a journey, and at times seemed very reflective in his expression, waiting on that red tape to unravel on Capitol Hill.
InterPlanet Janet, the galaxy girl, taught me about the solar system. Comets and planets she sailed through, with her flowing blonde hair.
Hey, did you know, "a noun is a person, place or thiiiiiiiiiing"?
"Adjectives are words we use to REALLY describe things!" I hate it when I'm in need of an excellent adjective and can't muster one, I will dig until I find the right word.
And a Verb? "That's what's a happenin!"
I learned that two becoming three to form a family was like magic. It is what we do, and it's something to be excited about. " a magic number.....yes it is!"
When I sang along to "A shot heard around the world.....was the start of a revolution!" I was seeing the ride of Paul Revere, and then hearing the shot at Lexington heard 'round the world, starting the war of Independence. When you're a child you don't know the importance of learning the details of this history.

To this day I can recite the Preamble because of Schoolhouse Rock. Unfortunately my friends grow tired of me singing it to them, to prove I can. "Weeeee the order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquilityyyyyy" it's usually right about now when they roll their eyes and walk away. (lol)

I learned that taxation without representation wasn't fair! "No more more kings!" The pilgrims coming over on the Mayflower, and setting up shop in their new world, thinking all was well. But George the Third taxed their cup of tea. Their retaliation? Dump their tea in the harbor of course! The end result? "Looks like its gonna be......a free countryyyyyy"

And my favorite....
"Conjunction Junction....what's your function? Hookin up words, and phrases and clauses...."
Are you kidding me? We're talking about sentence structure and how to build it! I LOVE words! I love sentences, and I love grammar. I want to GO to conjunction junction. I actually have to visit often if you want to know the truth, because sometimes I write something and then it doesn't look right.

I could sing my way out of this post, but surely you don't want me to do that. But just know that if you're teaching in any aspect, if you make it fun, those kids will remember. And grow up. And then blog about you.

"Knowledge is Power" indeed. Let's watch a Bill become a Law while we sit in my kitchen and have breakfast. Oh come ON, it's exciting to learn about what happens if you get vetoed!

If you're still reading, that means you want to learn, with song. I'm just sayin.

See you soon!

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