Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In Review: The Travelers Gift

As I begin to type this out, not even sure if I'm going to post it, I'm already in such a huge state of awe that I can't imagine doing this book justice. I've mentioned before, that I don't blog a review of a book or movie, giving exact details of what happens from beginning to end, leaving the reader with the advantage of not having to read the book or see the movie at all because I've shared the entire story with them on the page.

I'm mostly thinking of these ramblings I do as "notes to myself" ....or something like that. A virtual diary? I think that's it. But I love that you stop by and read my musings.
If you haven't guessed by now that I've added Andy Andrews to my top ten favorite author list, make that top five actually, this post should clear that up once and for all.
I read The Noticer, and said, he can't top that. I read The Butterfly Effect, and said, that little book is going on the coffee table, where it will remain forevermore.

And now I've read The Travelers Gift. I've never read a book where I was left with; I will carry this book with me wherever I go, from this day forward. It fits nicely in my purse, and it's not that heavy being a paperback. You think I'm kidding?

David Ponder reaches the lowest point of his life within a few pages of the beginning of this story. Or so he thinks. I bonded with him immediately out of just simple human compassion. Thinking out loud a few times, "dude that just sucks". (chuckle) When it rains it pours, and all that jazz, you know? He can't seem to win. But oh that lucky, lucky man. He's the Traveler, and his gift comes in the form of a visit to seven, very influential people, throughout our history. At the end of his short visit with each of them, he's given a gift. A piece of paper, with one of seven keys to success written on it.

With Andy Andrews extremely witty style of writing, it's not as if David mysteriously appears in a flash of light, says "wazzup" to the person he's visiting, and asks them to toss him the paper so he can sprint away with it clutched in his hand. That's way too mundane, and simple. But I want you to read it. So that's all I will say here.

A few things I've learned now that the last page has been turned, and I've stared at the back cover for a while. I've never thought that I had a little Anne Frank in me, but I do, and have had, for a long time. This will be the one person that I reveal that David has the great fortune to visit.

Anne shares this during their visit:

"They call me PollyAnna. They say that I live in a dream world, that I do not face reality. This is not true. I know that the war is horrible. I understand that we are in terrible danger here. I do not deny the reality of our situation. I deny the finality of it. This, too, shall pass" ....."but most of all, both of us must remember that life itself is a privilege, but to live life to it's fullest--well that is a choice!"

I don't know if anyone has ever called me PollyAnna per se. But I've been accused of this way of thinking many times. "How can you still smile after that happened to you?" or, "How can you be so forgiving, so happy all of the time?" Just a few examples....you get the idea.

My answer has always been this: Because I choose to smile, and I choose to forgive, and I choose to be happy. I don't wake up every single day singing like Snow White and leaping around my house like a deer in the meadow, let's keep it real people. HA! But even when I know my enthusiasm annoys at times, I don't change a single thing. You know what usually happens, if the stars are aligned? I bring that friend out of their funk, or bad mood. I don't push, I pull. Very, gently. Sometimes I need to be pulled. And sometimes I won't allow it. I want to be in a mood for a little bit. See? I'm human, and not always cheerful. It's just that those moments are so few and far between that I almost don't recognize them, or myself, when I'm in the middle of one.

Oh you have no idea how I want to just SPILL this entire story right now, it's an amazing one.

Tomorrow morning when I get up, I'm going to yell "CHARGE!!!!!!"

And you won't know what that means until.....you read the book.

I love enticing you to walk towards my latest favorite read. I hope I've said enough here to do just that.

See you soon friend,

PS If you were able to visit someone as David is able to, with Time Travel, who would you choose? I've been asking myself  this question since I turned the last page. Alexander Graham Bell maybe. Well, I'm in telecommunications after all.


Serenity said...

It's a great review, I'm convinced. I don't know whom I would visit in the past, though I love this kind of question. I'm interested to see which people he thought to visit. I'm sure that one of mine would be a writer, though.

Tiffany said...

Here's what's really cool, he didnt choose the people, he had no idea who he would meet next. Heady stuff! Loved it. I see you visiting a writer too....so many to choose from.

Serenity said...

He had no idea...
the concept for this book is so intriguing! I love it.

Tiffany said...

I promise you Seren, you will love this book. I can't wait for you to read it, because I want to mention the one page that brought me to tears in an instant. =)