Friday, July 15, 2011

Lunch Can Be Awesome Too

I don't consider myself a "foodie" but I love reading about new recipes. I don't watch cooking shows that much at all, unless I'm in some sort of waiting room, then I can become entranced by them. Very little time for TV in the summer, there's too much to do!

I love to cook though. I always have. In trying to remember when this started, I'm thinking it was my Grandma. She used to say things like, "oh just a pinch", or just add a dash of that. I don't think any of us can make cornbread the way she did for my Grandpa almost every day. She never wrote down what she did unfortunately. I think we do have quite a few recipes that she had, but the magic cornbread wasn't one of them.

I wrote about my biological Fathers love for cooking and the lengths he would go to, to find that one necessary, hard-to-find ingredient here . I've been told that I am like him in a few ways, this is definitely one of them.

I recently learned that Spanish Saffron is a very expensive little item! But as I stood there staring at the bottle (that head 4 tiny packages of saffron threads mind you) with the $19 price tag, I thought, but I can't substitute, I want to make this the correct way or what's the point? Needless to say, I bought it, and the recipe turned out beautifully. That recipe, vegetable paella, can be found here . I've made it twice, and have adopted it as one of my favorite meals.

Since I am about to embark on a different nutritional journey with Dr.Fuhrmans "Eat To Live" very soon, I am using the ingredients I have in my refrigerator now to finish them out. A lot of what I have is fine even for the Eat To Live concept, but cheese (or any kind of dairy) is not included so today, I ate cheese. I LOVE cheese. I didn't eat much, but I think I made the prettiest salad ever.

And it was delicious!

The Salad:

Tore Romaine lettuce leaves, added fresh spinach leaves, placed in large bowl. Sprinkled strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in. Chopped red onion, sliced mushrooms, shelled sunflower seeds, and shredded Reggiano cheese. The dressing was the juice of one medium size lemon, 1/4 c. grape seed oil, a teaspoon of thyme, and a dash of cracked black pepper. (Olive Oil would be fine too)

The favorite part in the picture is the empty chair, that's where one invites a friend to enjoy lunch with them. Breakfast at Tiffany's is way cool.

But lunch can be awesome too.

See you soon friend,


Serenity said...

Oh my. This post is delicious. I'm so into those berries right now. Unfortunately, I've been eating them on fruit pizza, which is probably less nutritious than this salad - this BEAUTIFUL salad. I love it.

Tiffany said...

I believe I've tasted this fruit pizza you speak of, and it was delectable. When I see the vibrant colors of all of the berries this summer, it reminds me of that pastry shop on Rue know the one. And one day, you will go to Paris, and oogle all of that deliciousness through the window, just like I did. I know you will!