Monday, December 31, 2012



That's my word for the coming New Year, 2013. I saw a few posts in social media where people were asked to pick three words. Well, see, you put me in a position much like the one I find myself in when asked what my favorite movie is, or color, or song. I can't possibly answer those questions with just one answer. I don't think I can pick just three words that would encompass how I would like 2013 to unfold. I can pick three great words, yes. All day long. But they won't be enough, and they will cheat the other, hundred-or-so, fabulous words out there.

So I chose one.

I don't know that I've ever seriously done New Years resolutions. I doubt that I will start now. What I do know is that I resolve to do better. Not just on New Years Eve, in preparation for January 1. But all year, I find myself wishing this. This idea, that graduates from a tiny seed of hope to be better in all things, slowly evolves into a grandiose statement that I sometimes want to shout from a rooftop somewhere.


It's a huge world out there, and I am one small speck of a human, on the grid. But, remember that butterfly effect? One small good deed, can send shockwaves across the oceans. I've always believed this.

So what I propose to all of us, are these:

Be kind. Be MORE kind than you ever have been. To complete strangers, and to your own. Sometimes the latter is harder, and I'm aware of that. Try. "we'll take, a cup of kindness, yet....for auld lang syne"

Don't take more than your share. And I mean this. From anyone, from the universe, from the person passing you the plate of food, from the candy dish, from the grocery store, to the sale table in your favorite store. Just take what you need. Pull back a little on what you don't. And if you really believe in me, pull back a lot.

Stop, and take the time to go out of your way to help. If the woman in the wheelchair can't reach the green bags hanging above the celery, help her. Get her a bag, and help her pick out the freshest celery. (I had to add this in, it just happened to me at Kroger, so real life must occur in the blog post).

Call your parents. Every week. If you don't have them here with you anymore, call a family member and just ask them how they're doing. Share your life with them too. It makes their day when you do that. Trust me.

Slow to anger, and slow to judge. Or how about not at all, especially on the judging part.

Listen. To anyone that is taking the time to talk to you. It may be drivel to you, while you're busy working or doing all of the things, but stop what you're doing and listen. Look at them when they're talking to you. Be interested in what they have to say, whatever you're doing can wait a few more minutes.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every single day.

Remove one thing from your life that is causing more harm than it's worth. You don't have to tell me or anyone else what it is. Maybe it's a who. Or maybe it's a thing. But do it.

When you go to sleep at night, be grateful for the day.

And finally, have a little faith. In yourself, and others. If that doesn't make 2013 better, well, I don't know what to tell ya.

For the sake of old times, (auld lang syne) and new one's, I'm wishing you a safe, peaceful and prosperous New Year.
With lots of happy in it.

Much love,

PS And I wasn't kidding about the fruit and vegetables! Even Breakfast at Tiffany's will have them!


Serenity said...

Remove one thing from your life that is causing more harm than it's worth - I'm going to think on this one! I can't wait to go to bed tonight, reflecting on all these things. So much good here. Here's to better. Happy New Year, apiphanyone!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to my favorite source of inspiration =)